5-day Pass – Pay over 5 months!

You want to secure your place at #VOLT2019, but you cannot finance it just as yet? We have good news: you have the chance to purchase the 5-day pass in instalments and pay for it over 5 months.

Let’s see the steps of how you can do that: 

  1. Step: 5-day pass – Pay over 5 months, 5-day pass are separate product in the webshop, so please make sure to choose one of these if you would like to pay in instalments. You can find them here.
  2. Step: If you choose to pay for your 5-day pass over 5 months, then you only have to settle the first instalment during the purchasing process, meaning that you will only be paying the first payment part (plus the handling fee) when you checkout from the webshop.
  3. Step: After the successful transaction the remaining payment parts will be withdrawn from your bank card (the same one that you used for the transaction) monthly.
  4. Step: In case any of the payment parts cannot be withdrawn from your card for some reason we will send you 2 reminder emails before taking any actions.
  5. Step: If everything goes well and as planned, your voucher of the 5-day pass will be downloadable upon the payment of all instalments.

*Please note that the frequency and amount of the instalments cannot be modified.

Please also note that these are just guidelines to help you. Our GCTC is available here in case you would like to check legal terms and conditions of your purchase.

What if you change your mind?
You may withdraw from the purchase by sending an email to after the first, but before the last payment has been made. In which case Sziget will reimburse the amount of your already made payments on your bank card (used for these transactions, except the amount of the first payment as that - according to our GCTC – will be held as retention money).

What if you cannot pay all parts?
If the payment parts cannot be withdrawn from your bank card when it is due, then Sziget informs you in email, and tries to withdraw them from your bank card three days later. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, then Sziget informs you again in email, and tries to withdraw them from your bank card a further three days later. After the third unsuccessful attempt Sziget may withdraw from the purchase.  Details on that might be found in the GCTC.

In case you have any further questions regarding the purchase of the 5-day pass – Pay over 5 months please let us know via emailing to .